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1. What distinguishes your dating courses from other dating workshops offered in Australia?

We are thrilled to say that our team of 'hand-picked' dating coaches are the attraction industry leaders when it comes to running dating workshops and courses in Australia. We offer you the most complete, up-to-date, valuable coaching you could ever experience. Our highly trained dating coaches will guide you step-by-step and demonstrate to you LIVE how to meet, attract and get phone numbers from beautiful women on the street as well as other more mainstream venues such as bars, lounges, nightclubs, cafes and more. The skills which you will learn on our dating boot camps can be used in many areas of your daily life. You will experience a massive boost in your overall inner confidence, you’ll feel more relaxed, look better physically, feel more in control of your surroundings and ultimately this will make you succeed with women.

We’ll teach you how to acquire these new dating skills and abilities so that you can develop them further and make them congruent to your image. We provide a 90/10 ratio of practical experience to dating theory learning environment. Which makes us the leading dating experts in the industry, most other dating coaches only offer theory based dating workshops and no real , live bar or nightclub practical training. Other 'dating gurus' simply sell their 'one size fits all' dating e-books and promote themselves as dating experts. However, The Modern Man coaches will not be selling you some 'miracle dating e-book', we spend most of our dating workshop doing what we do best, showing and demonstrating to you how to pick up, attract and date attractive women on a constant and consistent basis. We will take you with us to bars, the streets, cafes, bookshops and many other venues and show you how to attract women STEP-BY-STEP, LIVE without cheesy pick up lines or expensive gimmicks! All we need is for you to be ready and committed.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as a dating instructor is being able to give my students a total life changing experience which makes dating women fun and exciting for all. A lot of men of all ages lack confidence and are too shy to start conversations with women, these men don’t know when to escalate a physical touch (kino), don’t know how to start or continue a conversation or how to ask for a woman's phone number to set up a date. Once you complete our dating course you will have an insider knowledge of some of the most effective and proven ways to make women feel attraction for you.

2. How is your dating course structured?

We are really proud about our dating courses structure, here is why! We limit the course to a maximum of two (2) students per coach at any time, this is done to make sure that you get the attention and help you need for the entire workshop. We will show you how we 'do it' first, we will be your wing man on a large number of approaches and we will also stand back and watch you approach alone and then give you our honest feedback on what you did right, what you did wrong and how you can improve your next approach. You will get to watch us approach women over and over to perfect your seduction tactics and techniques. You will discover many of our secrets that we use to keep a woman's attention during the approach, how to easily get phone numbers within 5 minutes, make girls laugh and most important of all, get women to like and accept you as their potential new boyfriend!


Dating Workshop Structure:

Friday: 8:00pm–9.30pm Introduction & Theory
Learn everything you need to know how to get the 'ball rolling': where to meet single women, how to approach women, what conversation openers to use to start talking to women, how to keep a woman interested in your conversation, how to get a woman attracted to you within the first 5 minutes after the approach, how to escalate, how to innitiate touching and kissing, how to get a woman's phone number and much. much more...

9:00pm – 1.00am Live, Step-By-Step Training Workshop – Bars & Nightclubs
This is the best part of the dating course. This is where you get to experience the real deal! We will personally become your wing men for the entire night and approach large and countless groups of single and taken women with you, side by side. We instruct and take you every step of the way by you first watching us approach women and starting interactions, then we explain what actually happened and why it worked for us and then we will encourage and even push you to start approaching and interacting with women by yourself. Don’t worry, we will be right there by your side, our expert dating coach will never make feel nervous, anxious or shy, that's a promise.

Saturday: 8.00pm–9:30pm De-briefing & Part 2 Theory
Here we will debrief you on the previous night (Friday night) and go over what you did right and what you did wrong. We will now concentrate on a more focused theory on attractive traits that women find appealing in men, why women are attracted to 'bad boys' and 'jerks', how to tell interesting stories while holding a woman's interest, how to approach big groups of girls with guys, how to stop women walking in the street and initiate a conversation that leads to you getting her number and much, much more. We will also discuss and give you solid advice on how to set up one night stands with women you meet at bars and nightclubs.

9:00pm-1.00am Live, Step-By-Step Training Workshop Part 2 – Bars & Nightclubs
This is the part which you will be eagerly awaiting for. Now, since you’re armed to the teeth with attraction tactics, techniques, interesting stories, conversation openers, body language specifics and more, now it’s time to field test it all and put your new found skills to the table. You will be very excited and probably impatient to get out there! Our dating coaches will once again demonstrate a large number of approaches with new women you happen to come across, then once you are ready, our coaches will ask you to start approaching women once more. The Saturday nights are always fun and entertaining for our students, the big reason why is because by then, our students already have a 'fool-proof' attraction system that works consistently on beautiful women.

3. How much does the dating workshop cost?

To book a two-night dating workshop is only $1297 per person. That’s it – No hidden costs, no monthly membership fees, no marketing and no other nasty surprises! This is not a workshop where we try and push you some overpriced seminar at the end (other dating coaches do this) but not us. We teach and demonstrate to you everything you need to know and nothing is left out during the workshop. After attending our dating course you will never again have to buy some dating e-book, DVD or attend another dating/seduction seminar again as we will teach you everything 'under the sun' during our extensive, LIVE, Step-By-Step dating boot camp. This is truly what we are all about, quality, cost effective, live coaching.

- This is a 12 month investment. After completing the workshop you will be subscribed to our "12 Month Student Support Program" which includes 12 months of email and phone coaching for FREE. This is about completely changing your entire lifestyle for the better, so that you can date more women and more importantly, the type of women that you specifically are attracted to, this is it.

- During the two nights, you will receive over 10 hours of live, in-field, practical, hand-on experience on how to meet women, approach them and get their numbers to set up dates and more. We are here to help you succeed with dating women, because we know that nobody else in Australia will be able to offer you the same type of dating workshops.

- Our coaching fees are by far the most fair and competitive in Australia, if not in the world. It's a fact! Many companies (who pack in as much as 5 students per instructor) charge up to $5000 per student for a 2 day workshop.

- We only allow two (2) students per dating coach. This offers you a large number of benefits, such as the full attention and help provided by our expert dating coach and being provided with a personally tailored program to suit your individual needs as a student.

We offer the kind of services anyone can afford if they have the will and power to make changes in their dating life once and for all. It's all up to you, do you really want to make this change for the better dating life?

4. I am not sure if this course is right for me because of my age/weight/height/nationality and past failures with women. Will it still work for me?

Most of our previous students have asked this question before signing up with us. In a nut shell, here you have the opportunity to create a certain lifestyle that most blokes only dream about, you are really the only one who can allow or stop yourself from achieving this kind of new and exciting lifestyle. Let's be serious, if you keep doing what you are doing right now, nothing will change, if you try and 'improve' alone with some dating e-book, you may have a slow progress but you will still not have the type of success that you really want. In order to succeed, you need to be open minded and willing to experiment with new ideas and concepts. During the course we will ask you to leave your ego and other personal problems at the door, follow your dating instructor and do as he says. If you follow our teachings, you will see your dating skills grow substantially overnight. You will see some truly amazing 'pick up' skills from your dating instructor, you will be doing some new and 'crazy' things you normally wouldn't have the 'guts' to do do. Best of all, you’ll come to realise that you always had the ability to do this, all you needed was a little push and shove.

We coach men of vast ages, primarily between 18 and 50. If you are a bit over 50, contact us and we will come up with a personalised program just for you. All our workshops are structured in such a way that we teach men these important dating skills and abilities so they are able to meet and attract women no matter their age, race or physical appearance. In fact, many of our older students were able to successfully attract women half their age during the workshops.

5. What clothes should I wear and can I bring anything to the course?

Put effort into your appearance
  • Dress smart casual
To make it easier for you to enjoy our course, you should present yourself accordingly.
Make sure to wear clean:

  • Black or brown shoes (no runners or sketchers)
  • Pair of pants (jeans or slacks are fine, no ripped jeans or pants, no tracksuit pants)
  • Evening shirt

Please bring a small notepad and a pen to take notes.
Strictly NO video or audio recording during the workshop..


6. Are you a dating introduction, matchmaking, or a speed dating company?

We are not a speed dating company, we are not a matchmaking service and we do not engage in dating introductions.What we teach are real-life dating skills which are important for you to become a man who succeeds at dating women. Through live, step-by-step, practical workshops we teach you skills and abilities that can be applied in any social situation which involves approaching and dating women. Our key specialty is showing and teaching men how to find, meet and approach beautiful women in bars and clubs, approaching women at bookshops, getting phone numbers and much, more more. This is what our dating workshops are about.

7. Where do you run your dating workshops/courses?

Our dating courses are held in all major Australian cities: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Our workshops are run in busy and popular bars and nightclubs in your local city. We happen to choose the best possible venues that attract the highest ratio of single women.

8. Would you like to join The Modern Man team of expert dating coaches if you have what it takes?

We are proud to introduce a coaching program for men wanting to make a difference and become our next future dating coaches. We have an intensive coach training workshops now running in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. These training courses are only available to guys who are committed and dedicated in becoming an expert in the art of attracting women while coaching other men. These courses run over a lengthy period of time to ensure that you are trained properly by The Modern Man. We do charge for these training workshops. In order for you to apply, you need to have been trained by one of our instructors as a paid client. We will assess your potential and talk to you after the workshop to see if have what it takes. To apply for a coaching position, please visit the Contact page.

9. Would you like to join the Wing Woman coaches if you have what it takes?

We are excited to announce a Wing Woman Coaching Program for women wanting to make a difference and become our next future wing woman in your local city. We conduct intensive coach training workshops now running in Sydney and Melbourne. These training programs are only available to women who are committed and dedicated in becoming an expert in the art of being a wing woman to help other men meet and date more women. These courses run over a lengthy period of time to make sure that you are fully ready to become a wing woman for The Modern Man. We charge a one off fee for these training sessions. Please visit the "Contact" page to apply for the program. We will assess your potential and talk to you after the training program to see if you have what it takes.