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You're about to learn how to become successful with women by using our proven dating tactics & approach techniques - LIVE! (lounges, restaurants, night clubs, cafes...)

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Dating Workshop Attract Women

  • Alpha male body language - posture, voice tone & gestures
  • Effective conversation openers (pick up lines) that work on all women
  • Becoming the prize in the eyes of women
  • Maintaining a woman's sexual desire (get lots of quality sex)
  • How to find a future wife who loves & respects you
  • Effective conversational skills, abilities & strategies
  • Solutions and effective advice to fix your current relationship(s) problems
  • How to approach women alone, in sets or in groups & win them over
  • Avoiding common traps & mistakes most men make with women
  • Creating & maintaining successful relationships that last
  • Getting solid (non-flaky) phone numbers from women at bars, nightclubs, lounges, bookstores, street & etc
  • Escalating physical relationships with women (getting a woman to bed within 24 hours of meeting her)
  • A unique approach at dating women & relationships (choose polygamy or monogamy)
  • How to have regular sex with new women weekly, with no strings attached (one night stands)
  • Being able to sleep with more women every week without cheating on any of them or your girlfriend or wife
  • How to deal with rejection so it does not shatter your inner confidence
  • What to do if she has a boyfriend or a husband
  • Learning how to become a pick up artist (PUA) for life while meeting other PUAs weekly
  • Having choice & freedom with which women to date, have one night stands with & "friends with benefits"
  • Learn all you need to know about Neil Strauss, Mystery, Tyler Durden & "Seduction Community" and discover their dirty secrets

Dear friend,
Alexandre Marks here, let me ask you a few important questions about your dating and relationships life. Please be honest...

Are you feeling frustrated and helpless when you spot a beautiful woman you’d like to meet and date, but for whatever reason, you just don't have enough confidence or can’t work up enough courage to go and approach her?

Do you find it difficult to come up with the right things to talk about or making the conversation exciting and interesting with women?

Are you over dating average or ugly looking women, when really, you know you could be in a relationship with beautiful girls, if you only knew the way? Have you ever wanted to kiss or 'make out' with a girl, but you were unsure if she wanted to, so you never bothered to initiate the kiss?

Would you like to find out how some men who are poor and average-looking are able to succeed with beautiful women constantly? If you answered “yes” to even one of the questions above, then be sure to keep reading further, as this is probably the most important piece of info you will read in a long while.

Here’s the reason why:
You’re about to discover the same dating and relationship advice I’ve used successfully and with ease to go from being too nervous and shy with women, to having more confidence, success and charm with beautiful women, than I ever could imagine.

You will follow expert dating coaches into bars, nightclubs, cafe lounges and the streets as they show and demonstrate how easy it is to meet women the right way, right there in front of you. During the dating workshop, we will actually show and explain to you step-by-step how to find, meet, approach women, start conversations with them, keep the conversation going and keeping interesting and how to walk away from beautiful women with a kiss and her phone number to set up dates. Dating Attract a Woman

If you are one of those men who wants to make a commitment to achieving greater success with dating attractive women, relationships and their life in general, taking The Modern Man weekend dating workshop is the perfect place to super charge your success with women. During this full feature packed and intensive dating workshop, our highly skilled dating coaches will take you under their wing that will help you develop a new set of exceptional skills and qualities with women. Our dating coaches will show you step-by-step how to eliminate your fears such as the fear approaching women (approach anxiety), fear of not knowing what to say next (running out of interesting and exciting topics during the conversation), fear of asking for a kiss (not knowing how to or when to kiss a woman), fear of asking or getting a woman's phone number (fear of rejection) and ultimately lead you to take the first (or next) step to an amazing success with attractive women.

The Modern Man dating workshop is broken into the following parts, which includes theory and practical components.


You have never been to a workshop like ‘this’ before. It’s designed to improve your self-confidence, eliminate your fears, get rid of self-limiting beliefs and to allow you meet and attract more women into your life.


Here is how it works:

Friday night, you will arrive at a quiet and private bar to begin the dating workshop. Here you will meet your dating coaches who are experts in this field. These amazing guys have many years of solid, real-life experience in meeting, approaching and dating beautiful women.

We will ask you about your history and difficulties you’ve experienced with meeting and dating women as well as your most recent relationships. What problems and set backs did you encounter?  What would you like to learn? What type of women you want to meet and date? We’ll find out what is presently going on in your life and where you want to be in the near and distant future.

The next part is where it all happens, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about meeting, approaching, attracting and seducing beautiful women in any situation (nightclubs, bars, lounges, cafes, bookshops, on the street and many more places).

Dating Approach Women

Every question that you wanted answered regarding dating women and relationships will be answered in great detail (the most common questions are, “What is the best way to approach and start talking to that girl down the street?” AND “What do I do if she says ‘Sorry, I have got a boyfriend’)."

You will now know how to handle such situations and best of all, you will know exactly how to take advantage of them. You will literally smack yourself on the forehead, thinking "Ah-ha, got it"! Approaching women, dating them, attraction and seduction, in fact all dating and relationships topics will finally make perfect sense. Best of all, you will be shown exactly how to make these new key ideas work for you in real life situations.

Next is the “practical” part of our dating boot camp, because here we get to put our ego on the line and demonstrate exactly how we go about meeting and approaching women. This is where we take you out into bars and nightclubs and demonstrate where to meet women, how to best approach women, what to talk about by choosing interesting topics and how to get phone numbers from women (and much more) – by doing it LIVE, right there before your own eyes. You’ll witness it all for yourself.

Then is the best part about the entire dating course. You’ll start approaching beautiful women in sets or standing alone. Don’t worry, we will be standing very close to you, observing and analysing your entire interaction. You won't feel nervous or feel that you are alone.

After every individual approach, we will debrief you, and let you know what you did right, what you did wrong and how to improve, before encouraging you or even pushing you to approach another woman! You will get to meet and talk to more women in a few hours of the workshop, than you would have talked to in the last few years or your entire life!

Dating Talk to Women

Best of all, you’ll be having a great time having fun, talking to lots of women, getting to know them, making women laugh and feel great about yourself in the process. You’ll be excited and feel alive!

You will finally understand that meeting and approaching attractive women is easier than you previously realised (now that you know how to approach, what to say and so on, step-by-step).

At about 1:00 am the workshop will conclude for the night. Don't worry, you’ve still got another night of learning and practicing left (Saturday night). You’ll go to bed exhausted from numerous approaches and interactions with women, but thrilled about your new skills and knowledge and really excited what will happen in the near and distant future with all kinds of women you'd like to meet...

You and the coaches will spend the first hour of the next day going over the events of the night before. You’ll have some new questions that you will want to ask, share recent experiences, and each coach will give you their honest feedback, personally tailored advice and offer more useful tips and tactics. You will learn the last important parts of the dating theory, then it’s back to meeting and approaching even more women!

WARNING: DO NOT sign up for any other dating course, dating workshop or a dating bootcamp unless it addresses the following critical points:

1. You learn how to pick up women – by watching it happen LIVE in front of you. There are a many "PUA coaches" who refuse to show their approaches and seduction in real-life scenarios. These guys much rather stand up on stage and dictate their "proven dating advice" over the microphone. You will never actually witness them picking up women for real. This is NOT us. We will always do as we say and prove it in the field - LIVE.

2. You get personally tailored coaching, effective advice and constant feedback during the dating workshop. Other inferior workshops have one coach for every 10 clients. They use "one size fits all" approach. None of your questions about seduction and women get answered and you simply get left behind. This just doesn't happen at our dating workshop. We have the BEST coach to student ratio in Australia , with one dating coach for every two (2) students.

3. You learn everything that you need about approaching and attracting women - dating and relationships topics included. Most other dating companies focus on just ONE part of succeeding with women (like “how to use 'good' pick up lines” but not what to say after the opener). They do this on purpose to get you to come back at a later date for another workshop. This is NOT us. At our dating workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to know on the first and the second night of the course. If you ever feel the need to discuss any other dating issues or topics that strike your interest with women, you are encouraged to call or email us for FREE SUPPORT for the next 12 months after enrolling in our dating workshop.

attract a woman on first date

Unique Training Concepts Based Around You & Your Individual Needs

The 'dating community' is a big business and It is very easy for “Dating Gurus” to apply the same 'one size fits all' to everyone which includes holding large group attraction and seduction bootcamps. At the Modern Man we understand that each student is unique and has individual and specific needs, we feel that every student of ours needs to be coached individually. At The Modern Man we carefully take the time and care to look in detail at each clients character, personality, dating history, self limiting beliefs, fears & goals and from this we are best able to create a special tailored program that will yield maximum benefits for our students. For instance, some men who take our dating workshops want to meet just one attractive woman they can genuinely connect with, while other men are wanting to meet a large number of beautiful women and experimenting with different relationship settings. Other students simply want to boost their confidence, overcome approach anxiety and become more advanced in the area of dating and relationships that last.
Dating Boady Language Women

By conducting such an intensive personal appraisal of our students we are able to get to the root and cause of all problems our students face in a way that no book or group seminar could come close to. Using the information we collect from our dating workshop students we then work on specific theory and exercises to address the client’s problems and fears. Some of which may include looking at physical presentation and body image and language, speech delivery, mental and physical exercises, self-limiting beliefs, NLP and cutting edge personal change technologies that all our dating coaches are trained to follow for the benefits of The Modern Man students.


How Much Does A 2-Day, Step-By-Step Dating Workshop Costs?


Before we answer that question, let us ask you something else...

Honestly, what would it be worth to you, how much value would you attribute to being able to approach beautiful women anywhere you like, (at uni or a bar, at a nightclub or a lounge, at a bookshop or a supermarket, the list goes on) have them giggling and smiling within seconds of your approach, and almost asking you to get her number so you can both go on a romantic date together? What would it really be worth to you in the end?

Seriously, there are similar dating coaches around the world who charge $4,500 – $5,000USD per student who wants to attend their 2-day boot camp. Often you have to spend more money on airfares and hotel accommodation to fly overseas or interstate because their coaches are only based in certain parts of the world and not your local city, unlike us. Sometimes you will find yourself amongst as many as 10 other guys wanting to do the course on the same weekend. I'm not joking!! But wait, it gets worse…

Dating Learn to Seduce Women

These so called 'dating workshops' don’t cover nearly as much theory or live demonstrations as our workshops do. And they certainly NEVER demonstrate anywhere near the amount of interactions that we do. How do we know all this? Because a lot of my current students signed up with one of my competitor's overpriced "pick up courses" first. They told me they left unsatisfied, asked for their money back, and then enrolled with us for some real LIVE step-by-step coaching .

At first, I was going to ask my students at $3,000 per client. But then I understood that most guys who want to fix their dating and relationship problems with women simply don't have this type of money lying around…

I’m not going to charge $3,000. Nor $2,500. Or even $2,000.

Your investment to enrol in our 2 day dating workshop is just $1397! Which, as you can see, is obviously an incredible bargain. Just think for a moment, you could spend that money on a short holiday where you will "try your luck" with women, or with us, real-life, cutting edge, dating experts, mastering the art of meeting, attracting and dating beautiful women in your local Australian city. It's your life. Will you take the next step?


Book your spot today or Call us: (03) 9017 0181

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But Wait, Here Is What You Will Also Get By Investing Today...

As a BONUS to investing in our live dating workshop today, we are going to offer you our "12 Month Student Support Program" PLUS 6 x E-books for Advanced Reading’ (Valued at $159.70) FREE of charge.

On-Going E-mail & Phone Coaching Support for the Next 12 Months !!!

We believe that even though the full 2-day dating workshop has more than enough information and practical experience, a student still needs our assistance, guidance and full Dating Learn to Meet Women support long after the course has concluded.

That's why when you sign up with us for a dating course, you invest in a year long program to help you succeed with women long term, not just the weekend.

We make it our duty and priority to make sure that you move forward in the area of dating women and relationships. We honestly want to see you succeed with women and dating and have this part of your life handled for good.


And For a LIMITED TIME Receive 6 x FREE eBooks:
  • eBook 1: "The Modern Man - Meeting Women The Easy Way”
  • eBook 2: "How To Date Beautiful Women"
  • eBook 3: "The Ultimate Secrets of Calling Women"


  • eBook 4: "The Modern Man - How To Make Relationships Work"
  • eBook 5: "Dating Taken or Married Women"
  • eBook 6: "The Ultimate Secrets of Messaging Women"

This is strictly for a limited time, a bonus which I am giving away with our 2-day live dating workshop. By reading our dating e-books you’ll discover how To ELIMINATE your fears and approach anxiety with highly recommended exercises that are proven to work and mind tactics … so you can find and approach women without any fear!
Many real-life proven, word-for-word conversation starters (pick up lines) that you can use right now to approach attractive women in many public places (at the beach, shops, bookstore, on the train, at uni... anywhere), how to always have something interesting to talk about with women …you will learn the secrets of how to tell interesting and captivating stories to women that you meet and off course, much, much more!

Book your spot today or Call us: (03) 9017 0181

Book your spot today or Call us: (03) 9017 0181

Select 1 or 2 Nights
Select Your City:
Enter Preferred Fri/Sat Dates:
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Our Goal Is To Help You Succeed With Women

Our goal is to get men like yourself to meet and date more beautiful women on a daily basis. We get all kinds of heartwarming phone calls and e-mails every week from guys who have attended our dating program and are now having ever-increasing success with attractive women and clearly, we want you to have the same level of success.
Dating Learn how to become an Alpha Male

Places during the dating workshops are LIMITED to a small number of students.There are only 2 spots available for every 'pick up' workshop. What this means is, if you contact us after those 2 spots are BOOKED OUT, you will need to wait a month (sometimes two months) before you can book the next available dating course with us.

There is a very good reason why we only allow a maximum of 2 students per dating coach. Why is that? Because here at The Modern Man, we strive on giving you the most personal and professional coaching experience there is in Australia. We achieve this purely by having the HIGHEST coach to student ratio in Australia, so you get the proper and sophisticated training you deserve and actually need to master the art of meeting and approaching women!

How Much Value Would You Personally Attribute To Being Able, On A Daily Basis, To Have The Confidence To Meet, Approach & Date The Women You Desire?

When are you finally going to take control of meeting and dating women? When will you get this important part of your life handled? Are you going to keep dreaming that one day you will meet the woman of your dreams? Or are you going to stop wishing and dreaming and actually do something about it RIGHT NOW?

Dating Learn how to meet a woman Don’t you agree that when it comes to the subject of dating women and relationships, you have been procrastinating and wasting time for most of your life? What if you could finally learn from Australia’s top attraction and dating coaches, on how to meet, approach and date intelligent and sexy women?
How important is this are in your life? And how much time do you really have left to waste and "beat around the bush"?
If it is important to you and you want to get this area of your life handled, then isn’t it comforting to know that you have our expert dating advice every step of the way during the workshop as well as for the next 12 months? We know where you are coming from and what problems you are facing with women and relationships, it's a lonely world out there. But you don't need to do this alone anymore.
We have conquered our dating problems… and solved all of them! We have the besthosting knowledge and the experience that you have been searching for.

To your success with women,
The Modern Man team.


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