Top 5 Conversation Killers That You Must Avoid When Dating

5 Conversation Killers That You Must Avoid When Dating

Conversation Killer 1 - Seeking too much validation using your status - So supposedly you feel you have some value and you’re using it in a social setting to gain a woman's approval, this is indeed a turn off. Here at the Modern Man we want you to be the best you can be so you can attract the woman that's aligned with your values. You may attract some with status with bragging on supposedly you have all this cool stuff, the kind of girls you may attract may be attractive, however most will only be there attracted to your social status or materialistic things. The right woman and the most genuine of women will not be easily swept by money or power.
Conversation Killer 2  - Don't speak bad about a previous ex girlfriends or marriage - This is a “don't ask, don't tell” policy, meaning if a new potential woman in your life asks you then you can outline the basics but don't give the specifics. Straight out if you start speaking about previous girlfriends you have dated, like she was a psychopath or a drug addict, what kind of image would that give you to a new love interest? 
Conversation Killer 3 - This is not a job interview - What do you do? Where you from? How many brothers do you have? How old are are they? Don’t do this. 
Conversation Killer 4  - Avoid that PUA “Cocky-Funny” bullshit - Having some humor is a good way to appeal to people, even have some stuff prepared or you may naturally be funny. But the guys that are too cocky and arrogant will always get shut down - e.g avoid stuff like “what's in your handbag? a dildo?” Stuff like this will get you blown out every time with women.
Conversation Killer 5  -  Don't be a negative man - stop nagging of too many negative topics or even talking down about the others, especially about your past love experiences. There are ways of doing this in a more positive light which will not tarnish your image or make you appear as a negative man. Negative conversation topics with new women will drag your date down and make them not want to see you again.
Another point is to cut down drastically on swearing and profanity in front of women on a regular basis. If you do get angry, it’s OK to scream out a curse once in blue moon, but don’t make a habit of it.