Pay via BPAY and get 15% off the total workshop fee! with 2 easy Steps!

Biller Code: 535807
Reference Number: 5386 4600 5032 4549
How to book a dating workshop course with BPAY?
1a. Make a BPAY payment for $1187 ( Normal workshop fee is $1397) - SAVE $209! on TWO nights workshop
1b. Make a BPAY payment for $677 ( Normal workshop fee is $797) - SAVE $120! on ONE night workshop
2. Please email your transaction payment receipt, Preferred City and Workshop Date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • To avoid Booking processing delays, make sure you email your transaction payment receipt
  • Funds received via BPAY before 1700 EST take at least 24 hours to clear into bank account.
  • BPAY payment is only available when booking a dating workshop.



Where can I make a BPAY payment?
Once you have registered for Internet or Phone Banking with your financial institution, you can pay a wide range of bills with just one phone call or Internet banking session, at your own convenience, seven days a week, day or night.

You can make a BPAY payment at your financial institution from any touch phone or via a personal computer connected to the Internet, and have the option of paying from a cheque, savings or credit card account. (Please note, not all billing companies will accept payment via credit card.) BPAY gives you total control over when you make your payments within the secure environment of your bank or financial institution

Is BPAY safe?
BPAY payments are all made within the secure environment of your financial institution’s Internet banking site or phone banking system. The only parties who are authorised to have access to mobile information about BPAY payments are the participating billers and financial institutions. Additionally, BPAY does not receive any identifying personal or individual account details at any point during the payment process.

As BPAY is part of Internet banking, consumers are also protected by the Electronic Funds Transfer Code of Conduct (EFT Code). Thousands of Australians pay their bills with BPAY every day using the Internet and phone banking services of over 170 financial institutions. For more details visit: