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Dating Experts for Men

Take a Dating Workshop Today! - The Most Effective Dating Course for Men in Australia!

You're about to learn how to become successful with women by using our proven dating tactics & approach techniques - LIVE !
(At lounges, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, bars and many other social places...)

Dating Workshops

Dating Workshops

The Most Effective
Dating Course for Men in Australia!
Phone Date Coaching

Phone Date Coaching

All your dating questions, problems and issues resolved over the phone, call us so you can succeed with women.
E-Books & Mp3 Audio

E-Books & Mp3 Audio

Dating eBooks in PDF format, read on your Phone, Tablet or Computer.
MP3 Audio Dating Podcasts - Easy to listen & Learn on the GO!
Lifestyle Articles

Lifestyle Articles

Dating advice, relationship tips & flirting techniques with women!
Articles Updated Weekly!
Succeed at Dating!Succeed at Dating!

Succeed at Dating!

Watch & Learn How to Meet, Approach & Pick up Beautiful Women THIS Weekend !

“You're about to learn how to become successful with women by using our proven dating tactics & approach techniques - LIVE! ( At lounges, restaurants, night clubs, cafes, bars and many other social places...)“

The Modern Man has been operating for over ten years (since 2005) teaching men in major cities around Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth) and New Zealand (Auckland) how to find, meet, attract and date beautiful women.

Our dating coaches are specifically 'hand-picked', rigorously trained and are all up-to-date with the latest in the dating and seduction industry developments, products and courses. Our expert dating coaches are selected using strict criteria such as the teaching abilities, proven field experience, age and their enthusiasm to teach other men to succeed in the area of dating and relationship with women.

We train men of all ages and backgrounds. If you are between the ages of 18 and 50, then we can help you. We guarantee to you that after completing our dating workshop you will walk away with proven and effective skills that will change your life for the better with women and dating.

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    Discover the secrets of approaching GORGEOUS women during our exclusive Dating Workshop...

  • Meet

    Learn why men succeed at MEETING gorgeous women after taking our Dating Workshop...

  • Attract

    Learn to flirt, learn how to banter, learn the correct body language.
    ATTRACT MORE women with our exclusive Dating Workshop...

  • Date

    Become the ULTIMATE Ladies MAN, embrace your NEW LIFESTYLE...
    Take our Dating Workshop this Weekend!



One Weekend is All You Need to Become The Most Confident Modern Man With Women

“...Friday night, you will arrive at a quiet and private bar to begin the dating workshop. Here you will meet your dating coaches who are experts in this field. These AMAZING guys have many years of solid, real-life experience in meeting, approaching and dating beautiful women…”

“...What is the BEST way to approach and start talking to that girl down the street?” AND “What do I do if she says ‘Sorry, I have got a boyfriend’)..."

“...we’ll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about meeting, approaching, attracting and seducing beautiful women in any situation (nightclubs, bars, lounges, cafes, bookshops, on the street and many more places)...”

“...Then is the best part about the entire dating course. You’ll start APPROACHING beautiful women in sets or standing alone. Don’t worry, we will be standing very close to you, observing and analysing your entire interaction. You won't feel nervous or feel that you are alone…”

How Many Beautiful Women Would You Approach If You Knew Exactly What To Say, Word-For-Word To Successfully Meet Them Without Rejection?

  • Have you ever noticed a beautiful women in a specific situation (like the cafe or street) and thought "I'd love to meet her" but had no idea what to say?
  • Does the fear of rejection and public embarrassment stop you from walking over to an attractive woman and starting a conversation?
  • Do you ever feel frustrated when you spot a woman you’d like to meet, but for whatever reason, you can’t bring yourself to approach her?
  • Do you struggle to come up with the right things to say, or to keep the conversation going?
What if you knew exactly what to say, word-for-word to start a conversation with beautiful women in almost any situation? What if you never had to worry about rejection again?

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